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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. Your elopement is one of the biggest decisions of your life, so of course you're allowed to have questions! There are no silly ones here, and please feel free to contact us if you're not sure about anything. Here are some of the more common questions people ask:

Are you available for weddings / civil unions that we're already planning?

Yes, of course. Gen and Shirley have both been happily helping couples celebrate for years. We're available together or separately for your special day, even if you don't want to elope with Elope West Coast.

We have another location in mind. Is this possible?

Absolutely. We hold elopements at Motukiekie Beach because it's one of the most beautiful spots on the West Coast, if not New Zealand. It's also right where the accommodation and one potential ceremony venue, View With A Room, is. However, we are happy to work with you to have your ceremony elsewhere if you prefer. There may be additional costs for travel and logistics, and there are fees and permits needed if you wish to elope on Department of Conservation land. 

Can we bring guests?

Yes, up to 6. We can provide seating at the View With A Room ceremony venue for up to 6 guests, and we wouldn't recommend more for a beach ceremony. It's no problem for us to provide platters for your guests, but additional costs will apply. Additional bubbles will need to be BYO beyond the bottle we provide to the couple.

What do we do if it's raining?

The nice thing about elopements is their flexibility! Often, it just takes a short wait for a rain squall to stop, and we can take advantage of those breaks to keep your ceremony dry and wonderful! Or we can be flexible with the time of day of your ceremony to make the most of the weather forecast. Remember, some of the most dramatic photos are also with overcast skies, so don't be upset if the sun isn't out in full force on your special day. If the rain is really raging and you've selected an accommodation package, we can also hold the ceremony in the room by the floor to ceiling window if you would like to.

We're not really a traditional couple... can you work with us?

If you love each other and want to elope as a sign of your commitment, we're 100% here for you, regardless of gender, religion, or preferences for your ceremony. Let's make this magic happen together!

Can you arrange for other things like hair & makeup, or a reception dinner?

Chat with us about what you would like. We are happy to provide you with local contacts who we think could help you, or can arrange them for you for an additional fee. Remember that the platters we offer are meal sized, but we can recommend excellent restaurants if you wish to celebrate with a dinner as well.

When is the best time of day to get eloped?

That really is up to you! However, the best photos are taken earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. Being the West Coast, remember that we get the gorgeous sunsets here, and the 'Golden Hour' has the best light. The early morning light is also wonderful, more soft and subtle. So you have many choices! We can suggest the best possible times for you based on the tide and sunset times, as well as your preferences. 

Is there anything we have to do?

Planning-wise, not really! You will need to apply for the Marriage / Civil Union licence, which takes a minimum of 3 working days to process, and is valid for 3 months. Gen will talk with you about your vows and the ceremony, while Shirley will find out your photo preferences. We set up the space, make everything beautiful, give you a choice of flowers to use, and make sure everything happens smoothly. Your only job then is to turn up and have a wonderful elopement together!

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